Two things come to mind when I think of Halloween: candy and parties.  As a kid all you can think about is the candy, but as an adult on Halloween, it is all about the party.  Nothing says Halloween without a costume party full of scantly dressed women and enough alcohol to send everyone searching for the illustrious hangover cure the next day.  Being not only a new food blogger, but someone who loves to read food blogs, I was torn between going the traditional route of posting a proper pumpkin recipe or doing something completely different.  As a mother of two, my getting "wasted" days are far behind me, but I'm not going to say that I don't enjoy a drink now and again. 

    The whole idea for this drink came about due to an impulse buy at the grocery store.  A bag full of perfectly plump little cranberries just waiting to jump in my basket, and small box of clementines that my son loves to snack on during the day.   My child (like most I assume) has an addiction to juice and a strong aversion to vegetables!  I did a lot of thinking about how I could get him to eat healthier, but the kid was determined never to eat anything green. 

    I was eventually introduced to juicing (the juicer that I own), and quickly found out that it was not only something my son enjoyed doing with me, but he would drink any kind of juice I gave him.  So I vowed never to buy juice from a bottle again, and every day after nap time he gets up and comes to the kitchen, ready to make his afternoon juice.  Normally we fill up a tall glass and share it together, most days fighting over who gets the last drop.  I decided to make this juice for the two of us as a seasonal treat from our normal "green" juice.  As I sipped this lovely concoction I was thinking this was not only a lovely healthy juice for me and my children, but it would also make a killer cocktail for a Halloween party!
Halloween Cocktail

makes 1 drink (about 8-10 oz)

6-7 peeled clementines
3/4 cup fresh cranberries
1 Arkansas Black Apple*
1/4 cup ABSOLUT ORIENT APPLE Vokda (optional only for the responsible adult)

    Place the clementines, cranberries and apple through a juicer in the order listed.  Give your juice a few good stirs with a spoon, and pour into a glass over a few ice cubes.

    If you are making the alcoholic version place the freshly made juice plus the vokda into a mixing glass with ice cubes.  Shake and strain the mixture into a chilled cocktail glass and serve garnished with fresh cranberries, clementine curl or even an apple slice.

Note:  If you are planning to make this drink for a crowd, I would possibly suggest using navel oranges over clementines as your juice yield would be much greater and you won't have to spend an entire morning peeling hundreds of little clementines.  I would substitute 2 navel oranges for 6-7 clementines but you might have to experiment to find the most delectable combination. 

*Arkansas Black apples have a complex taste and crisp texture that is slightly tart, but yet it has a wine-like sweetness.  It is an apple that is considered ideal for juicing, and is a common find among apple growers in the Northeast United States. If this is not available then I would suggest either using what you have available or finding an apple that is semi-tart and crisp.

“You can learn a lot about a woman by getting smashed with her.” - Tom Waits



10/30/2012 2:55pm

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