Avocados drive me crazy!  To me they are a tad bit expensive for a food that is not guaranteed to be good when you open it.  You have to buy them in the store when they are hard as a rock, and if you leave them out to ripen too much, YUCK happens.  I always find myself with the same conundrum; buy one avocado (hard as a rock) or buy a whole bag of them that look a bit riper.  Normally I wind up getting the whole bag of 4-5 and for some wonderful, yet annoying reason they all tend to ripen at the same time.  Now what do I make with 4 ripe avocados that will get yucky if I leave them one more day.  This Choco-cado Mousse is one of my favorite ways to put those avocados to good use.

    This recipe comes from my exceptional Health Coach, Irina Kachalenko.   This is one of her recipes that I tried when I was first learning about food choices and healthy eating on her program.  This recipe actually has a cult following among her clients, so I asked if I could share this recipe on my blog.  You can find the recipe below or here on her website Vibrant, Healthy and Whole.  You should also check out some of her other tasty recipes, most of which are super easy to prepare.  If you are interested in loosing weight or gaining a better understanding of how to eat healthy she offers free breakthrough consultations as well.  I just have to say that hiring a health coach was the best thing I've ever done for myself.   

Decadent Choco-cado Mousse by Irina Kachalenko

makes 1 serving

1 very ripe avocado
1 tablespoon raw cacao powder
1 tablespoon raw honey
couple of drops real vanilla extract
1/2 ripe small banana (optional)

berries and extra honey for garnish

With a high power blender or food processor puree all ingredients together until smooth.  If the consistency is not smooth enough add some water in teaspoon increments until desired consistency is achieved.  Top with berries and a drizzle of honey.

Note:  You can add the 1/2 of a ripe banana for some extra sweetness but I find the recipe is wonderful without it.  Try experimenting with different types of honey and berries to find your perfect combination.  I agree with Irina that blackberries are the best.  I normally don't have fresh berries so I topped mine with frozen ones.  I also like to use Butter Bean Honey because it is super sweet and light.  


01/16/2013 2:10am

Hi! You are so right about the avocados. I recently paid $6.99 for 4 avocados from Whole Foods that looked fine on the outside but when I got them home, all of them were molded on the inside. Of course, they let me swap them out but it was just a lot of extra hassle. Your recipe looks delish! Thanks!

01/16/2013 11:30am

That was nice at least that they let you swap them out. Good luck when picking your next bunch ;)

08/06/2014 6:33am

Actually I came to know about this art called quilting after reading your posts. I searched a bit about it. It is amazing how those clorful things are made. Thanks a lot for introducing me to it.

08/13/2014 4:09pm

Hi Sandra,

It looks really great and what i can say that "Avocados drive me crazy" or "I love it". I really love to get it because of its taste and I like the way of your presentation too. There are a lot of people make the best things like Choco-cado Mousse but your idea is great and more innovative.

09/30/2014 3:48am

Thanks for the post Sandra. Your Choco-cado Mousse looks so delicious and have the best ideas to have a healthy food for the family health. many people take care of such things so that they can prevent their kids from any kind of dental or any other medical problems. I like your way of having such food that is good for our health.


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11/07/2014 8:42am

Its lovely idea to have Avocados. I also like your first line "Avocados drive me crazy" and I do agree with you here. I also love to have the same for my home. many recipes you have on your blog are awesome and I really like to try these in my kitchen.


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