Have you ever seen a work of art that inspired you on multiple levels? Just recently I have learned about a Chinese artist named, Ai Weiwei.  The particular work of art that struck a chord with me was his, "Sunflower Seed" exhibit at Tate Modern in London.  The sheer size of the piece is impressive to say the least.  100 million handmade porcelain sunflower seeds spread out on the floor for people to walk on and interact with.  I'm a few years too late to visit this work of art in its original state, but that doesn't diminish the impact it has had on me. 

    The artist, Ai Weiwei is a big proponent of blogging and social media because he believes it changes our perceptions of time and space.  Appropriately, when I saw the sunflower seed exhibit the first connection that I made related to my new experience as a blogger.  I feel as though I am one seed lying among a million others.  But what I have come to learn is that while we may all be individual seeds, we are all part of a unified field.  There is a fellowship between bloggers because we make up an aspect of the internet, we create it and we live in it together all while supporting each other.  (A little too deep for a salad recipe you might be thinking!) 

    If you want to learn more about how Ai Weiwei's "Sunflower Seed" exhibit was created CLICK HERE! (I recommend watching the video, it is very moving).

    My inspiration is now clear so onto the process of making the salad.  Sunflower seeds are awesome in a salad, and now as I have come to discover, so are sunflower greens.  (How to Grow your own Sunflower Greens)  If you don't have all the ingredients that I use then improvise, be inspired and create your own version.  I personally like to include all different taste sensations in my salads, so I try to incorporate things that will be sweet, sour, crunchy, watery, smooth, etc.  If something looks good to you throw it in and see how it goes.  Creativity is all your own and you can find inspiration anywhere!

"The internet changes the structure of society all the time - this massiveness made of individuals."  (Ai Weiwei for the Unilever series at Tate Modern, 2010)

Sunflower Salad

Salad greens - (I used arugula because I like the bite that it has)
Sunflower greens (How to grow your own)
1-2 blood oranges
1 purple carrot
raw sunflower seeds
avocado oil (or your favorite choice of oil for a salad)
rice vinegar (or your favorite choice of vinegar)

*The quantities of all the ingredients is based on your own preference and the size of the salad you want to make.  It may be simple but the ingredients that you use will make all the difference.

Wash and tear the salad greens and place them on a plate.  Top them with washed sunflower greens.  Supreme the oranges and lay them on top of the greens. Julienne or grate the carrot and sprinkle over the top along with the raw sunflower seeds.  Drizzle with oil and vinegar.  It may be simple but all the different flavor types work perfectly together. 


02/07/2013 2:10pm

Sandra, I'm so glad you dropped by my blog and commented because it lead me to your beautiful blog! What gorgeous shots of this salad. I love sunflower seeds, and we almost always toss a handful in the salads that are regular weeknight dinners in our home. I'm looking forward to exploring more of your recipes!

02/07/2013 2:25pm

Hi Katie,

Thanks for taking a peek! I've been exploring through your recipes too. I'm definitely going to try your roasted kale and sweet potato salad as I already have the sunflower seeds! ;)


02/07/2013 6:22pm

This is just gorgeous Sandra! I love all of the colors, it makes me want to eat this RIGHT NOW! I'm off to go watch that video... :)

02/07/2013 7:22pm

Thanks Emilie, I hope you enjoy it :)

02/08/2013 3:39am

What a beautiful salad! Love the colours and the sunflower seeds in the background :) Speaking of inspiration, I just posted a blood orange chia pudding with a very similar picture of a blood orange cross section with light shining through it, which was totally inspired by your kiwi shot :)

I love growing sunflower greens too, but I find it annoying to pick the shells off the tips of the greens once they're grown. Does that happen with yours as well? Maybe it's just the type of seeds I have.

02/08/2013 10:46am

Sofia, that is so cool...and I LOVE chia seed pudding too. I never thought to use citrus with chia, but your recipe sounds AMAZING!!! I was wondering what to do with my leftover blood oranges and now I know. We should unknowingly collaborate on recipes all the time :)

Oh and yes, I wind up picking off the shells off the growing sprouts too...but I find it therapeutic to pick off each shell...haha...maybe it helps with my OCD :)



I'm allergic to sunflower seeds, but - wow - that's a beautiful salad! I love the artistry of your blog, too. Nicely done!

02/09/2013 12:15pm

Hi Lisa, Thanks for stopping by and taking a look :)



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