Did you know that February is National Sweet Potato Month? Neither did I until just recently.  I'm not sure if this is an official or unofficial thing, but I am beginning to wonder if that is why my grocery store had an excess of sweet potatoes.  Either way, sweet potatoes are one of my favorite foods that I equate with comfort.  I can't remember why I was thinking that I wanted some sweet potato biscuits, but I know that I wanted something warm from my oven (that was also gluten-free and vegan). 

    Despite my attempts to counter seasonal affective disorder with excess amounts of vitamin D, I still can't shake the chilly, wet drabness that has been lingering around lately.  I have been longing to see sprouting daffodils, robins bobbing around my yard and the grass growing a more vivid shade of green with every warm rain shower.  February may be sweet potato month, but if ever there was a color for a month I would give February "beige
."  As I was collecting my pictures for this post I realized that I was lacking great color, but sometimes you mirror how you feel in your environment.  Right now the interest is on texture, patterns, shadows and mood.  So therefore, I am trying to project warm, cozy, crackly and delightful thoughts to usher us through to those brighter and more colorful months ahead.

Sweet Potato Biscuits (Vegan & Gluten-Free)

Adapted from Apple & Oat Biscuits by Green Kitchen Stories

makes 8-10 Biscuits

Sweet Potato Mash
1 tablespoon extra virgin coconut oil, at room temp
2 large sweet potatoes
1 cup water
1 small apple, peeled and chopped * (optional - I find it adds a little extra sweetness)

2 cups gluten-free oat flour
1 cup sorghum flour

1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
3 teaspoons of arrow root or cornstarch

6 tablespoons extra virgin coconut oil, at room temp
1 cup of the sweet potato mash

1/4 cup maple syrup

Making the Sweet Potato Mash: Peel and chop the sweet potatoes and apple (if using).  In a saucepan heat 1 tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil and toss in the sweet potatoes.  Give them one good stir and then cover and cook for 5 minutes (it is ok if they burn a little, in fact it is a good thing if they do).  Stir in 1 cup of water and the chopped apple then give it one more good stir.  Bring the water to a boil and then reduce to a simmer.  Cover the pot and simmer for 15 minutes or until the potatoes are soft when pierced with a fork.  Take them off the heat and mash them with a fork or a potato masher.  You can leave it a little chunky if you like.  Set the mash aside.  (This will probably make plenty of extra so you can either make two batches of biscuits or save the leftover mash and eat it with some brown sugar and a pat of butter)

Making the Biscuits:  Preheat your oven to 450° F.  Place a cookie sheet in the oven to warm while you prepare the biscuits.  In a large bowl whisk the oat flour, sorghum flour, salt, cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda and arrow root starch.  Add the 6 tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil and, using your hands, work the oil into the flour mixture until it resembles small crumbs.  Add 1 cup of sweet potato mash and 1/4 cup of maple syrup and use a spoon to mix everything together until you can gather it up in your hands.  Work the dough in your hands by pressing everything together, working the dough as little as possible.  Flatten out the dough into a round about 1-inch thick.  Using a biscuit cutter or a drinking glass (about 3-inches in diameter) cut out as many rounds as you can.  Gather up the dough and cut out the rest.  Take the warmed cookie sheet out of the oven and line it with parchment paper.  Place the biscuit rounds on the cookie sheet and bake for 15-20 minutes or until the tops are hard and the bottoms slightly browned. 

*These are best eaten warm out of the oven with some coconut oil spread and a drizzle of maple syrup.  If you need to make them ahead you can always cut them in half and warm them in a toaster oven. 


02/21/2013 12:53pm

I did know about heart health month but had no idea it was shared with sweet potato month ;-). We just get wiser every day.

I love that you use 2 large sweet potatoes in this recipe for 8-10 biscuits - I frequently come across recipes that incorporate a third cup of healthy divided by 12-24 portions which kind of misses the point ;o)... your ingredients are gorgeous and your photography spellbinding... love the drizzle of maple syrup. Beautiful!

02/21/2013 8:02pm

Thanks Kelly! We definitely do get wiser everyday ;)

02/22/2013 4:09am

I had no clue sweet potatoes got their very own month! It's well deserved, they're so healthy and tasty! Your biscuits are going to be a household favorite, I can already tell! I have the oat flour on hand and we always have a ton of sweet potatoes on the counter. Great recipe! I'll let you know how it goes once I try it!

02/22/2013 10:24am

Thanks for taking a look Julia. Definitely let me know if you like them!

02/28/2013 6:36pm

Just thought you might want to know that we linked to you today. http://rooted-vegan.blogspot.com/2013/02/vegan-baked-good-link-roundup.html

03/01/2013 1:08am

Thanks so much Rooted Vegan, I am flattered to be included in your baked goods roundup. What a great line-up of recipes. I am having fun looking through them all :)

03/06/2013 11:49pm

Wow, these look stunning. I love biscuits (who doesn't, right?)... and sweet potato biscuits! Brilliant! Simply brilliant. I'll definitely have to try this.

03/07/2013 12:09am

Chris, I would love to have some of these with your chili recipe!!!

05/07/2015 5:37pm

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