So are you tired of me using sunflower greens yet!  I can't help myself, they are just too much fun.  I use a pallet of them and immediately start growing another.  I realized the other day that I wanted to share a juice recipe that included sunflower greens to show you yet another way to use them.  This juice is not for the beginner and definitely not for anyone who has a bad relationship with beets.  But if you are into juicing and interested in a new combination, then let me introduce you to one of my favorites: Sunflower Sunset.
    You may be thinking, "why is this drink called Sunflower Sunset?"  Because every juice (just like every color of paint) needs a great name.  One of the fun parts to juicing is trying to come up with a name for the color of juice that comes out of all the different combinations of fruits and vegetables.  Do you ever wonder how the names get chosen for colors?  Like, whose really fun job is it to come up with a new name for a crayola crayon.  Color is so important because even without putting something in your mouth you can taste and feel it just by seeing it's color.  Was "Sunflower Sunset" the correct name for the color of this juice, you tell me?    

The juicer that I use is a Breville Juice Fountain ® Compact

How to grow your own Sunflower Greens:  Click Here

Sunflower Sunset Juice (Raw & Vegan)

approx. 3 cups of juice (results will vary between juicers)

1 pallet of sunflower greens (approximately 2 cups)
3 peeled moro blood oranges
3 organic beets with their tops, scrubbed completely clean from dirt or sand
1 peeled sweet potato
4 large organic carrots, scrubbed clean
1/2 teaspoon spirulina*(optional)

Process the sunflower greens, oranges, beets, sweet potato and carrots through your juicer.  Stir in 1/2 teaspoon of spirulina if using.

*Spirulina is one of those health food items that is said to be super great for you.  I was recently introduced to this blue-green algae by my health coach.  Spirulina makes my mouth very dry when I consume it, but it doesn't seem to bother me when placed into a juice in small amounts.  It has a grassy and earthy flavor that seems to work well with the root vegetables in this juice which is why I like to include it.   



03/19/2013 5:22pm

Sandra, your hurting me... every post is like a work of unspeakable beauty. I can't even focus on the food anymore, I am too caught up in the art. Your work takes my breath away (and yes, I love the juice too!) :).

I actually discovered spirulina when I was working at a women's shelter in Montreal in my early 20's. The cook added it to soups and stews to provide the women with additional nutrient value. What a nice memory seeing it here.

03/19/2013 6:12pm

Thanks Kelly...I think I enjoy the artistic part of blogging the most! Should I tell you that I actually have a college degree from an engineering school!!! Like you, I think I found my calling despite my formal schooling.

03/19/2013 5:50pm

I'll fully admit that I am not juicing material. I've yet to find one that I actually enjoy. My wife is really into it though (she got a Breville juicer for Christmas), so I'll definitely be sharing this with her!

And, as always, stunning photographs!

03/19/2013 6:06pm

Thanks Chris, not everyone is into the juicing takes time to get really into it and then you become obsessed with it like I am!!!

02/20/2014 12:17am

Everyday is juice :D


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