Alright I apologize, just one more ramp recipe I promise.  So I had my bunch of fresh ramps in the refrigerator and I made my Baked Eggs, with Asparagus and Ramps, but I was at a loss for what else to make.  After reading through Everyday Vegetarian I found the perfect recipe for Quinoa & Cauliflower Cakes with Ramps and that became our next meal.  But after that, there were several stalks left and I'd been wrestling with the idea of making ramp salt for the last few days.  I was thinking along the lines of how I like to put garlic salt on EVERYTHING, and ramp salt would be just as good if not better.  Sprinkled on eggs, mashed potatoes, homemade pita chips or that "everything" that I was talking about.  This would also make a super cool gift if you could manage to make enough to give away (well..maybe next year).

   I realize that not everyone has a dehydrator, but you should!  Ok maybe not, I really only use it every so often but when you need one, it is totally worth having.  Excalibur dehydrators are supposedly the best and a few months ago I picked up the smallest size one.  Like any big expensive kitchen appliance it is an investment for your future, but you definitely need space to keep it.  You could technically try to dry out ramps in an oven on a very low temperature, and if anyone is able to do so please let me know. The other thing you need for this recipe is a coffee/spice grinder, which is cheap, small and definitely worth getting.  I use mine for nuts, whole spices and everything but grinding coffee.  Once you have one you will wonder how you got through life without it.    

Ramp Salt + Powdered Ramp Leaves

2 teaspoons dried ground ramps (5-6 dried bulbs + 2-3 dried leaves)
3 1/2 tablespoons good quality flaked sea salt or your favorite choice of salt
Dehydrator - I use a Four Tray Excalibur

Wash and clean your ramps and dry them thoroughly.  Cut the bulbs from the green leaves.  Thickly slice the bulbs and place them on a dehydrator tray along with the whole leaves (you can leave smaller bulbs whole).  Make sure non are overlapping each other.  Run in the dehydrator on 125° F (vegetable setting) for 24-48 hours or until the ramps are completely dry and crispy. 

Once dried, grind 5-6 bulbs and 2-3 leaves in a coffee/spice grinder.  You could also try a mortar and pestle but a grinder is much faster and much more efficient.  This produced 2 teaspoons of dried ground ramps for me, but the amount will be different for everyone.  You can adjust the amount of salt used to suit your preference. I wanted a very "rampy" salt, but you could use less ramps and more salt for a milder flavor.  Mix the ground ramps and salt together and store in a sealed container.  Ideally let the salt sit for a day or two to allow the flavors to mingle and get know each other.  The salt should keep for about a year but the flavor might diminish over time like most herbs do. 

I had lots of leftover dried leaves so I decided to grind them up into a ramp leaf powder (as you can see below).  I have big hopes to use this in soups and stews, mashed potatoes or even to make some homemade ramp pasta.  The possibilities are endless in my mind, and you will probably be seeing it somewhere else on my blog in the future!
    I used up the rest of my fresh ramps by trying a recipe for Quinoa & Cauliflower Cakes with Ramps from Vegetarian Everyday by David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl of Green Kitchen Stories.  I am mentioning this only because I purchased their book, and if you love vegetarian food as much as I do, you too should pick up a copy.  The quinoa cakes were excellent by the way!


05/09/2013 6:52pm

I love that you have found so many uses for your ramps! Your salt looks beautiful. I immediately thought of using it on grilled steak, shrimp, and on top of risotto. Yum yum yum. Oh, and maybe corn on the cob too! The powder is pretty neat as well. Love it Sandra!

05/09/2013 7:13pm

Ok see now those are also some awesome ideas....EVERYTHING RIGHT. I will definitely be trying it on corn on the cob thanks for the idea :)

05/10/2013 12:44pm

That ramp powder is beautiful! I love the idea of making pasta out of it. You need to do that right away and let me know how it is. I'm very curious!

And now you have me wanting a dehydrator. Just when I thought I had enough kitchen gadgets...

05/10/2013 1:28pm

Well you can never have enough kitchen gadgets made me get a tortilla press...even though the pricing can't compare!

I've always had a dehydrator though...I had a simple one for years until I just recently decided to upgrade. I love them!

05/10/2013 6:12pm

Please, no apologies necessary! What a lovely idea for a recipe and I can't believe you made your own ramp powder -- it's like a whole new twist on matcha! :) Brilliant.

05/15/2013 11:48pm

Thanks Kelly, although I wouldn't want to put ramp powder in hot water, but you are right....alot like matcha....gets me thinking though.....hahaha....

05/17/2013 1:47am

I love the look of ramps but have never seen them in Australia. It's frustrating to see such a lovely looking ingredient and not be able to taste it! Seems pretty trendy in the food world lately. Now I really want a spice grinder too. After a tortilla press, that is definitely number 1 on my list! Your idea of flavouring salt is great and I love the concept :)

05/17/2013 11:38am

Hi Chantelle, I don't think I have ever heard of ramps being found in Australia! They are a very big thing for bloggers and foodies in the USA and I just found out even in Europe. They have a version of the ramp that is similar to the ones found on the east coast of the USA so you never know...maybe there is something similar. But, I think our seasons are almost the opposite to the seasons in Australia right?

01/14/2015 8:32am

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05/30/2015 2:30am

The quinoa cakes were excellent by the way!

08/27/2015 5:29am

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