In our house we are popcorn connoisseurs.  Sounds a little stupid, right? But, after you purchase a whole lot of GMO-free gourmet popping corn, it becomes hard not to notice the subtle differences.  Popcorn is our go-to snack, along with fresh apples and the typical fruit snacks (I had to give in on something).  We have been making and trying every color popcorn you can think of over the past few months.  I even grabbed some locally grown corn in the fall and let it dry out so we could add it to our taste tests.  I've always been a big fan of popcorn, but it wasn't until my oldest son also started showing interest did we really get into it.  We ditched those horrible microwave bags years ago and started using a Whirley Pop.  I got (stole) my Whirley Pop during a grab bag game at Christmas a few years back.  One of the best things I have ever stolen from a family member.  

    You might be thinking, is this woman really wasting my time on a "how-to" make popcorn?  Well, not entirely... 
    I also wanted to share with you some big news.  Big news for me at least.  Some of you might think I am completely insane, but that's ok, my husband does too.  So I did some research, I brought a book and finally decided that it is time that I get CHICKENS.  Yes, my super-suburb Jersey backyard is teeny tiny and not quite farm-like.  But, I learned that with only three chickens I would get more eggs then I could go through each week.  Which is good because I'll probably need some extra to bribe my neighbors with.  With the breed of chicken I chose we will actually be able to get eggs year round (most breeds take some time off during winter months).  I really don't see how it could get any better than fresh organic free range eggs year round from my own backyard.  I wonder why I didn't have the guts to do this sooner.  I guess I finally found some confidence at thirty (almost thirty one, ughh) 

    Now, is it really legal to have chickens in my backyard?  Well, lets just say that there is a lack of mention to chickens in our zoning laws so I'm just going to assume that it is sort of legal.  Sort of like the six foot solid fence we had installed in our yard.  Lets just say our town has a "don't ask, don't tell" kinda policy about things.  As long as you don't bother anyone, they don't come poking around.  So I'm just crossing my fingers that these three little girls will forgo any "egg songs" and possibly not be bothered by two running screaming toddlers that they will have to share a backyard with.  I still have some more preparations to make before they arrive early this April, and they will actually be spending their first eight weeks inside with us under a very warm heat lamp.  If you want to know how this all came about, it was actually this website that started my obsession and gave me the courage to give this all a try.  I didn't realize how much you have to do, so it is actually a good thing that I can't get my chicks until April.  I'm just holding my breath until then.    
    I was trying to grab some interesting popcorn shots, but it wasn't long before a certain little someone couldn't hold back any longer.  Those little fingers can't ever seem to help themselves.  Especially if they are waiting for some crazy lady with a camera.  Lets face it, this post was really more about the chickens then the popcorn anyway.

Popcorn our way

1 Whirley Pop (Stove top popcorn maker)
1/2 cup corn kernels
2 Tablespoons coconut oil
3 Tablespoons butter
few pinches of salt

Place the 1/2 cup of corn kernels into the Whirley Pop along with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil.  Cook over high heat, turning the crank slowly until you start to hear the kernels popping.  Continue turning the crank until you stop hearing popping.  Immediately remove the Whirley Pop from the heat.  Melt your butter and drizzle over the popcorn and sprinkle on some salt.  I normally do this while it is still in the Whirely Pop and I turn the crank a few times to toss everything around a bit.  Serve warm, although I actually do enjoy stale popcorn as well!

This is our little brooder all set up and waiting for our girls to arrive.  Beware, there are going to be many more pictures involving this brooder and cute little fluffy yellow chicks.  I'll apologize now, but I'm not entirely sorry.  Baby chicks are so darn cute, you'll see!


02/26/2014 10:28am

i am also looking forward to getting a few chicks! hubby is going to build a coop. we have about half an acre and also the same city 'rules'. can't wait! and i'm also going to check out the popcorn! which one do you like best?

02/26/2014 11:18am

Oh Dawn how much fun!!! Do you know what type you will be getting yet? I hear that some people have the luck of being able to go to a store to get their chicks. I haven't heard of any places like that in NJ so mine will be coming through the mail :)

As for the popcorn we really enjoy the blends like Sunset Fire and Autumn Blaze. They are wonderful because you get to enjoy all sorts of textures and flavors all at once. -Sandra

02/26/2014 11:45am

How super cool!!! My wife's sister lives on an actual farm up in MA and just started raising chickens last year for eggs and she totally has way more than she knows what to do with! It's a great problem to have! You'll quickly make friends will all your neighbors when fresh eggs are at their doorstep!

And I love that you are a popcorn connoisseur! That's super cool that you guys are trying out different varieties!

02/26/2014 4:58pm

Thanks Chris, I knew you'd be on my side with this one ;) I am so excited to get my girls and have fun learning about how to raise them.

02/26/2014 2:44pm

Some new friends of ours here in California have chickens and I just think it's brilliant! And frankly, I can't imagine those little fluffy yellow chicks being in better hands than pioneer mom ;-) (your boys are going to have so much fun with them too!). As for the popcorn, agreed, it is one of our fave snacks as well (especially at night) -- the lining of those microwavable bags are full of chemicals :( I just use a dedicated pot (yup, with a high smoke point coconut oil, love) but now... I so want a whirley pop!! :) Love that you used your own harvested kernels. Awesome Sandra.

02/26/2014 5:01pm

Thanks Kelly, I hope I am a fast learner. My husband calls me a one track mind...but I like to think that I am "researching." I just hope all my research pays off when my girlies arrive. Oh..and I know the boys are going to love them, they are already excited about it...although they are having a little trouble pronouncing some of the terms....according to my oldest we are putting chickens in a "chicken-Poop" *coop ;)

02/27/2014 1:25pm

Whirley Pop, coconut oil, sea salt, braced black pepper and a drizzle of liquid raw honey... DIVINE!

02/27/2014 2:00pm

Agreed :)....although it is a hard sell for the little guys ;)

02/27/2014 2:54pm

I've always wanted chickens, your so lucky. I follow a blog called our neck of the woods and she has the best stories about her chickens. They have the most interesting little personalities. Beautiful pics of the popcorn.

02/27/2014 3:05pm

Thanks Cheri, and I just checked out that blog, and it is beautiful. Wouldn't you love to homestead on 20 acres in the middle of nowhere...I know I sure would! I have always wanted chickens as well and I'm so excited to get my three. One day I would love to get more...along with that middle of nowhere place to live ;)

03/02/2014 2:04pm

I have a HUGE smile on my face!!! I am so excited for you... and a tiny bit jealous ;) I can't wait to hear all about your chicken adventures. I too have wanted them for sometime, but I'm afraid my cats will get them. Yikes! Of course I have a million questions, but I'll just ask 1 (for now...) What are you keeping them in outside? Stay warm xx

03/02/2014 2:15pm

Hehehe...yeah I think the cats might not like them. I don't have my outside set up yet. I actually purchased a pre-fabricated coop that we will have to put together when it arrives. What I didn't realize is that chickens need lots of free-range time...I am lucky that my backyard is completely fenced in but I will also have to cut their wings so they don't fly into a neighbors yard or into the busy street we live on. From what I understand if you give them some playtime each day they will be happy and their coop will also have a bit of outside space as well. I'll definitely post a picture of the whole set up once they get outside which will be sometime in June. I'm really looking forward to them being inside for 8 weeks :) So much fun!!!!


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