"To look life in the face, always, to look life in the face and to know it for what it is."

    I sit and write in hopes to declutter my mind, to unload a winters worth of frustration.  Endless months finally accelerate and I find myself aged by the whole process.  I know what it is, and I know my response to stress...eat, EAT, and more eating.  My body has become proficient in protecting and comforting itself in the worst possible way.  There are those people that loose weight in times of stress, that's not me.  But, before I would have punished myself, an inner dialog insistent on beating the message into my head.  Now I know better.  I can look at the last few months and know it for what it was.  I can be gentle on myself this time around.  Because getting back into my skinny jeans is really not that important, and brussels sprout salads really do taste delicious.                      
    It is never hard to know those moments when the face of life is beautiful.  A little weekend breather was good for all included.  Getting some fresh air, though still chilly, did wonders.  Not only did it lift spirits, it also had an aftereffect on the sleep schedule of two busy little boys (read that as...I finally got to sleep in one morning).  If you aren't already familiar with our little retreat on the bay, this is where summer fun happens. Even lacking the warmth and bright green sea grass, the Great Bay is still a beauty to behold.  Walking over mussels exposed from the grass, passing fishermen hoping to catch overwintered stripers and small planes rumbling overhead....back to my home, I dare not go!
    So, brussels sprout salad?  I can tell you this is one of my favorites, and it fit the bill since lately all the other greens in my grocery store were looking quite sad.  I am really aching for the farmers market to start up again and to finally get my garden started.  But even with a lack of good salad greens, it is still possible to make up a delicious fresh salad.  For some reason raw brussels sprouts taste amazing when paired with beluga lentils, pecorino romano, toasted pine nuts and a little lemon juice and olive oil.  The best way I know how to get myself back into the swing of "eating healthier" is to start with something that tastes great no matter how you are eating.       

Brussels Sprout Salad

Serves 2-4

1 lb of brussels sprouts
1/3 cup toasted pine nuts

1/2 cup cooked beluga lentils
1/4 cup grated pecorino romano, plus extra to shave on top
3 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
Juice from one lemon
Salt and Pepper to taste

Using great care, shave brussels sprouts into very thin slices on a mandoline.  Discard the stems.  In a large bowl place the shaved brussels sprouts, toasted pine nuts, cooked beluga lentils, grated pecorino romano, extra virgin olive oil, juice from one lemon and salt and pepper to taste.  Toss everything together and divide salad among bowls.  Top with extra shavings of pecorino romano and a extra drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.   



03/26/2014 11:36am

I'm so ready for the warm weather to finally get here! Farmer's markets sound pretty amazing right about now! And so does this salad, Sandra. Like, I've seriously been wanting to make a brussels sprouts salad for a while now. So I guess my blog isn't complete! Kale salad and granola, yes, but now I need a brussels sprout salad!

03/26/2014 3:00pm

I guess not...get on that salad! And keep your fingers crossed for some good weather!

03/26/2014 11:42am

So beautiful... the whole thing. You're so right, if it doesn't taste good, we're not going to eat it no matter how healthy it's suppose to be for us. Everything gets easier in the spring -- mobility, energy levels and eating patterns. There's so many gorgeous things going on in this salad! Beluga lentils are so cute and I'm loving the addition of pecorino... I can taste your lemony sprouts from here (I have a burning desire to add dried cranberries to it :). I like that you chose according to what's in season -- that's the way to do it! The possibilities will get broader over time ;-). Yay for farmers' markets!!

03/26/2014 3:04pm

Love your idea for add some dried cranberries. I tried it for lunch today since I had lots of salad leftover. They added a wonderful sweetness. Thanks for the idea :)

The lack of greens is really getting to me, I'm trying to figure out how I can add some cold boxes somewhere in my yard. My farmers market doesn't start up until June...ehhhh!!!

03/27/2014 7:43pm

I'm with you on the stress eating all the way. I wish it was the opposite... and I go for the sweet, carb-y things! (who needs bathing suits anyways) This salad looks so yummy for getting back on track. I bet it's filling too with the addition of lentils. I like the cranberry idea as well :) Beautiful post Sandra xx

03/27/2014 10:39pm

...candy, ice cream, cookies, and chocolate oh yeah all of that...And I could definitely get rid of bathing suits....but my pants on the other hand...would feel much better if I didn't have to SQUEEZE into every day ;)

Yes the lentils are yummy and the cranberries...perfect!


ZOMG -- so gorgeous. And I love Bsprouts, so I am totally in on this salad.

04/03/2014 4:54pm

:) It's a really good salad...true story! ;)

04/04/2014 3:10am

For me it seems to depend on what kind of stress we're talking about. Work stress and late nights at the office = eating. Emotional stress not as much. This salad looks beautiful. Beluga lentils are one of my favourite things, and I imagine teamed up with pecorino and pine nuts they're just perfect. And with a base of brussels sprouts? Yum!

04/05/2014 8:49pm

Oh see work stress always just made me want to shop!!! I had some nice clothes when I was a corporate girl ;) Aren't beluga lentils the BEST...so delicious.

12/17/2014 2:00pm

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