I don't remember how I got interested in growing sprouts, but I do remember that my interest in juicing is what got me to finally do the research and buy a sprouter.  I was reading that you could juice sprouts, and it further jogged my memory of this elusive heath food item.  There are several types of sprouters available to buy and many people even choose to make their own out of canning jars with mesh lids.  I chose to go with the Victorio® 4-Tray Seed Sprouter because I liked how small it was.  It sits in a little corner of my kitchen that is out of direct sunlight and thanks to the multiple levels I can grow 4 different sprouts without taking up any more space on my counter top.  There are tiny grooves in the bottom of each tray along with small holes around the perimeter for drainage.  The white base is actually a drip tray that collects any extra water from rinsing your sprouts.  I read a few reviews that said these types of sprouters are not good because they hold too much water around the seeds.  I've found as long as you are diligent about rinsing your sprouts and making sure you don't have a lot of excess water in the trays you shouldn't have a problem with rot.  There are basically 4 major steps to growing your sprouts:

    1.  Soaking the seeds for a given time period based on the type of sprout
    2.  Rinsing the sprouts twice a day; once in the morning and once at night.
    3.  Repeating the rinsing until the sprouts have fully matured to your taste preference.
    4.  De-hulling the sprouts with removable hulls (depending on type of sprout)

    It is actually an extremely easy thing to do and it requires as much effort as it does to brush your teeth (with the same schedule too).  Sprouts are an extremely healthy food to incorporate into your diet.  They are fun to add to salads and wraps, and they make beautiful garnishes on just about anything. 

    The best resource for growing sprouts that I found on the internet is a website called, Sprout People.  They have everything you could ever want to know about sprouts.  They include pictures and write out all the soaking/rinsing cycles so you can follow them step by step.  They sell supplies, sprouting seeds and sprout kits.  They offer a few great recipes and the author of the site is fun to read and watch in his videos.  With all this free information at your fingertips it is hard to find an excuse not to grow your own sprouts.


08/27/2013 5:22am

One method is that you can cover the soaked seeds in thin cloth and remove all the water from it, this will also give you good growing sprouts.

02/22/2014 9:00am

I couldn't agree more...

02/24/2014 4:38am

hmmm what do you mean exactly?


The white base is actually a drip tray that collects any extra water from rinsing your sprouts. I read a few reviews that said these types of sprouters are not good because they hold too much water around the seeds.

09/30/2013 3:43am

In every morning I take sprout after workout and definitely I am going to try this method to get better sprouts ion early time.

10/08/2013 11:23am

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