I don't get sick...I never throw up (ok just once during pregnancy)...my mother says that I will myself not to.  I think that is her motherly way of telling me that I am stubborn and hardheaded.  It will most likely be the same thing I say to my oldest son, who is more like me then I care to admit.  So as you can most likely guess, the minute I say that that I don't get sick, a stomach virus comes and hits me like a ton of bricks (that is the expression right?)  Well a ton of bricks is what I felt like laying on the couch, and vowing to my husband that I would never eat food ever again in my life.  I guess something had to break my defenses eventually, and break me it did.  Now a few days later I have been thinking about what I would like to post next and I just cannot focus on anything food related.  Unless you are all interested in reading about how to make warm lemon water...doubt it! 

    So today I wanted to do something a little different and keep food off my mind for a little longer.  I also need to add that I have the most amazing husband and in-laws a girl could ask for.  They all graciously took care of my boys so I could keep my head firmly on the couch, for which I am eternally grateful to them for.  I had some time while I was lying on the couch to look through some pictures from the last few weeks.  I decided to pick out a few and post a few of my favorite things of late.  

This beautiful bloom is from a Quince Tree in my backyard. 

Bee's Wrap

My new favorite thing for the kitchen!  Read this article about Bee's Wrap over at HandPicked Nation.

Or Visit the Bee's Wrap Website to order some!


More backyard blooms...cute little crocus!

lilleputt studio

My favorite handmade textile shop in Portland, Maine! 

Annika Schmidt, is the designer of these original textiles and with them she makes the most beautiful kitchen towels, pillows, table runners and the cutest baby items that make me wish I had a little girl!


My Favorite Blogs to read...because we all have our favorites.  (There are more I'm sure but these were the first that I thought of)

New to my Bookshelf...and on my reading list!

You also need to watch THIS! (If you have kids let them watch too!!!)

The Meyer Lemon Sprout

    When you were little did you ever get a seed in an orange or lemon and wish that you could just plant it and it would grow into a citrus tree?  No...never...really...I'm the only weirdo here? 

    So I found a picture online with directions (not in English) for sprouting citrus seeds.  You have to cut off the outer membrane and pop the inner seed in some dirt and wait...A REALLY LONG TIME!  But I was diligent and watered these dead looking seeds and after a few weeks I noticed SUCCESS!!!  A Meyer Lemon sprout!!! 

    Will I grow my own Meyer lemons...sadly not because the seeds don't produce the same fruit as the parent.  It doesn't matter though!  I got it to work and whatever comes out of this little sprout-ling is cool enough for me. 

The best thing about spring has to be when we get weather warm enough to take a day trip to the Great Bay....

"Down by the bay, Where the watermelons grow, Back to my home, I dare not go..."



04/18/2013 10:56am

Beautiful photos... gotta love that macro lens! I'm experimenting with mine a bunch and am loving it.

My bees wrap just came in the mail the other day and am so excited to try it out! Asheley and I are sick and tired of using so much plastic wrap. This is the perfect (and better) alternative.

That video just may be the best thing I've watched all year long. It still makes me laugh uncontrollably, even though I've seen it about a 100 times already.

And thanks for the mention :)

04/18/2013 4:14pm

And thanks for introducing me to that video Chris. We have watched it probably just as many times. Every time my son hears me playing something on my computer he comes over and demands to see that video.

We all need a laugh every so often right :)


04/18/2013 6:18pm

Sandra! How funny was that video? I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into when I first clicked on it, but at the end I was laughing my butt off. And, can we talk about that one guy who DID NOT LAUGH the entire time? He just sat there drinking his sippy cup throughout the whole thing. Hilarious.Thanks for the good laugh :)
Loved all of these sweet photos too- the micro greens at the top (look at those water droplets!!!) and especially your little ones. I swear, my little guy Jake makes the same exact face as your little guy when involved in a bucket of sand. They look so 'busy' don't they?
I hope you are feeling better!! xo
Oh and Ps- Thanks for the shout out up top!!! You're so sweet :)

04/18/2013 9:25pm

Hey Emilie, don't you love when you get your kids busy with something!!! Finally gives me time to do things.

And...I'm feeling much better thanks!!!

04/18/2013 9:01pm

Thanks for linking to my site and I'm glad you enjoy reading it. Your quince blossoms and crocuses are beautiful! Hope you feel better soon.

04/18/2013 9:27pm

Hi Sarah, Thanks so much! I am feeling much better :)

04/18/2013 10:48pm

Great post, Sandra! That video killed me.
I've tried growing citrus on several occasions, and my seeds failed to sprout every time. So no, you're not the only weirdo haha! I was recently told to try growing citronella because the leaves actually smell without the plant producing fruit. I use that stuff for bug spray and I hate the smell, but maybe it's better coming off of the actual plant?

Thanks so much for the blog love :) I'll be checking out the others on the list for sure. Hope you're feeling better!

04/19/2013 8:43am

Thanks Sofia, you made me so happy to hear that you too have tried growing citrus!!! haha!

The fragrance of citronellal is much better from a natural source like a citronella plant then gross bug spray. We also grow the plant at our beach house because in the summer months the bugs are horrible...I don't know how effective it is but worth a try right!

04/19/2013 3:22am

Wonderful links! Sorry you're feeling crummy, though, and I hope it passes quickly. Thanks for including me in your list of blogs you like, I'm very honoured :)

04/19/2013 8:47am

Thanks Katie, I am feeling much better :)

04/19/2013 11:30am

What a beautiful, inspirational post. There's nothing like the flu to remind us of how 'human' we are. Amazing how flattening it can be. Happy to read about your family support allowing you to recoup. It's also precious when we come out of these things feeling reflective and appreciative. This post really speaks to that; your blooms are gorgeous and your boys, utterly precious... Our family has a long history of travelling to Maine in the summertime (started in my teenage years as a Montrealer) - what a gorgeous part of the world. The ocean is irreplaceable in my heart - I always miss it when we skip a year.

Thanks so much for the mention Sandra; I'm glad we met in this wonderful blogging universe.

p.s. that video clip is hilarious - my 12 year old will love it!! ;o)

04/19/2013 1:24pm

Thanks Kelly, the ocean is also irreplaceable in my heart...I have lived so close to it my whole life that I couldn't imagine being far from it.

I too am glad we met :) Isn't that clip great...my 3 year old and I laugh hysterically every time we watch it together.


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